Noise Limits

These days, all racing circuits have noise restrictions and at Driftland we are unfortunately no exception. It is extremely important that we operate in compliance with these limits so that we minimise any disturbance to the surrounding communities.

Noise can travel a long way, particularly in certain climatic conditions and therefore we must act in accordance with the regulations to ensure the future of events for everyone that abides by the rules. Please help us by making your vehicle as quiet as possible before taking part in any on circuit activity.

Currently the noise limit we have in place is 105 DB at three quarters throttle, measured in a static test. Although this requirement may seem restrictive, it will ensure that the majority of track day customers who do not attempt to flaunt the noise limits are able to continue to enjoy their events without jeopardising future track events with more strict requirements.

Anyone wishing to have their car tested before a track day is more than welcome to come to the circuit and have a noise test free of charge. Simply find a day at the track when an event is taking place (see our Events or Facebook page) and arrive sometime between the start and finish times of the event and we can get your car tested in just a couple of minutes.

Static test

The initial test is a static test which is carried out using a handheld meter. Each car is measured 0.5 meters away from the exhaust at a 45 degree angle when the engine is being held at ¾ of the maximum RPM. In cases where the vehicle has two separated exhausts the measurement will be taken as below from the median point between the two.

Drive by monitoring

If the results of the drive-by monitoring show that your vehicle is generating drive-by sound levels appreciably higher than vehicles with comparable static test results, then you will be called into the pit-lane to address the noise level being generated.

Additional Information

Factors such as air temperature and humidity can affect the level of noise that your car is producing. This means that whilst on one day your car is within the respective limits, on another it may fall outside of those limits, preventing you from participating.

For your own piece of mind we urge you to keep a record of your cars noise level at each event. If you are ever within 1dB(A) of a particular limit then we suggest that you strongly consider having your car looked at before making another booking.

Exhausts do get louder with age as the packing deteriorates and it may be that you need to purchase an additional silencer or have the exhaust repacked before attending another event.